Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garlic Mustard Educational Video is Ready to Ship!

Stemming the Tide: Garlic Mustard ID and Control has been released and is ready to ship! Click on the DVD image at the right to preview the video.

You may order DVDs, which include the phragmites video, by emailing cynthiagaskill(at)yahoo.com, at which time I will acknowledge your order and give you a mailing address where you can send payment.

We seek wide distribution of these videos. You may link to them on your websites. However, they are copyrighted by In-Site Video Productions, so if you wish to use this material in any other way than produced, please contact Barbara Lucas at In-Site Video through her website (see column to the right of this blog).

All orders must be PRE-PAID

The videos cost $1.60 each, and are packaged with a paper sleeve and cardboard mailer.

Shipping charges (US Post Office, First Class or Priority mail) are:

1 video = $ .80
2 videos = 1.50
3 videos = 1.70
4 videos = 2.05
5 videos = 2.35
6 videos = 2.55
7 videos = 2.90
8-10 videos = 4.95
11-100 videos = 10.35

In time, we will probably be changing our distribution system and the prices are likely to go up. One of the avenues we are considering is through Amazon.com, if there aren't more appropriate organizations who are set up for distribution on a national level.

Any revenue above cost will go to the Washington Township Alliance of Wisconsin Family Forests, to be used for additional educational video projects.

We thank you all for what you do for our environment and hope that these materials help in your educational outreach in all areas, by bringing the problems of invasive species to the attention of road crews, schools, libraries and the many, many places we have opportunities to connect citizens to the land.

And please feel free to add your comments to this blog. Share what has worked and not worked in your educational efforts on the ground. Thanks!


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